Blue Heron versus Cooling Towers

I met a Blue Heron in Florida in 1995 while visiting an engineer involved in the cooling tower industry. At that time, I was amazed by the heat transfer process through vapor. Later on, I learned that a cooling tower could transmit a fatal disease through contaminated droplets. Cooling towers are really a simple technology. It is often described as a black box with hot water flowing in and cold water flowing out. So, Blue Heron appears as a messenger revealing a view from within, the abstract side or the hidden part of this technology. In doing so, Blue Heron brings respect to a technology which is so often neglected. At this point, you may wonder: “How can this strange animal be useful to me?” I invite you to call at my office. We will implement a risk management program. We will identify risk factors related to your Cooling Tower System. We will treat them. Finally, we will all live in a world where SAFETY will be the great winner!!!

Services :

  • Education Seminars
  • Legionnaires’ Disease Risk Management.
  • « Legionnaires’ Disease For Safer Cities, Shift the Paradigm! » Service Book for CT operators. Publishing Date: Jan. 2019.